Type d'offre
Poste terrain

Type de contrat

Secteurs d'activité
Climat et Agriculture ; Climat et territoires ; Climat et Energie ; Développement durable

Date limite de candidature
13/03/2023 23:59


1 year (to be renewed each year for a 4-year period)

Description de la mission

Expertise France is seeking to recruit a Deputy Project Director for the part of the upcoming EU-funded “Forestry, Climate Change and Biodiversity” (FCCB) Support Programme for Papua New Guinea (PNG) that could be awarded to Expertise France (see below for project details).

As the second in command on the project, he/she would provide assistance to the Project Director in the overall day-to-day management of the project and would be particularly responsible for organising and overseeing project monitoring and reporting activities, for the efficient mobilisation and coordination of the project team and project resources, for health, security and safety aspects, and for ensuring that the Project meets the standards of a European Union (EU)-funded Expertise France project.

Main tasks:

  • To provide assistance to the Project Director in the overall management of the project
  • To provide support to the Project Director in the overall planning, management coordination of the project
  • To provide support in the overall design and implementation of work plans for the achievement of all outputs and results
  • To contribute to the leadership and coordination of the project implementation and operations
  • To represent the Project Director in meetings and serve as the officer in charge (OiC) during the absence of the Project Director


  • To oversee project monitoring and reporting activities
  • to ensure that all internal and external technical and financial reports are prepared in a timely manner;
  • to provide support to the development and operationalisation of the monitoring and evaluation system.
  • to prepare and oversee project reviews;


  • To ensure the efficient mobilisation and coordination of the project team and project resources
  • To prepare and organise the recruitment of the project team
  • To provide guidance, support and mentoring to the project team members
  • To assist the project director in the management of national project team members
  • To prepare and oversee coordination meetings for the project team, including taskings
  • To ensure effective internal communication within the project team
  • To provide oversight on the mobilisation of physical resources by the project team (office spaces, vehicles, IT equipment…)


  • to design and implement the project’s risk management & health, security, safety plan
  • To design and implement, in coordination with Expertise France’s head office, the project’s risk management strategy and the project’s strategy with regards to health, security and safety
  • To organise the decision-making with regards to incident or crisis management and be able to make decisions in the event of incidents or accidents


  • to assist in ensuring that the Project meets the standards of an EU-funded Expertise France project.
  • To provide oversight within the project team on all issues of compliance with EU and Expertise France procedures
  • To be the main focal point of the head office on issues of compliance with EU and Expertise France procedures

The exact duties of the Deputy Project Director may be adjusted based on assignments by the Project Director.

The Deputy Project Director will be based in Port Moresby. The position will report to Expertise France’s headquarters in Paris (namely to the Head of the Biodiversity Unit, Sustainable Development Department) but will be coordinated by the Project Director, who will assist the Head of the Biodiversity Unit in the supervision of the Deputy Project Director. The recruitment will be finalised if and when Expertise France obtains funding from the EU for the Project.

Description du projet ou contexte

The European Union is putting in place a new Support Programme for Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the field of “Forests, Climate Change and Biodiversity” (FCCB). This Programme’s general objective (GO) would be “to support a development model that reconciles forestry, climate change and biodiversity with sustainable, inclusive and gender-responsive green growth and jobs at national and pilot subnational/community levels”. Its three specific objectives (SOs) would be:

  • SO1: “Effective implementation of evidence-based FCCB policies, governance and institutional frameworks”
  • SO2: “Improved FCCB awareness, knowledge, capacities and mobilisation”
  • SO3: “Increased inclusive and gender-responsive green growth”

This Programme would consist of several components, including a major component that could be implemented by Expertise France regarding “support at the national/institutional level with spill-over effects at the local/community level” (the Project).  This Project could entail support for a number of PNG-based public sector institutions operating in the FCCB intervention area, support for PNG-based research, education and awareness institutions and support for PNG-based communities engaged in conservation and environmental protection.

The project is scheduled to start in April 2023 and would last 4 years. Its budget is 36.5 million euros.

Profil souhaité

  • Master’s degree in international relations, international development, environment, sustainable development, or equivalent
  • At least 10 years of experience
  • At least 5 years of experience in the management or supervision of international cooperation projects, international technical assistance projects or institutional capacity-building projects
  • Significant experience working on environmental protection issues
  • Significant experience in team management and oversight
  • Team spirit and ability to federate stakeholders and team members around common objectives;
  • Excellent communication and intercultural skills
  • Excellent administrative and financial skills
  • High professional and ethical standards
  • Excellent writing and synthesis skills in English and French
  • Organisation, autonomy and self-reliance
  • Resilience and ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances
  • Experience with EU-funded projects under indirect management required
  • Familiarity with tropical forest environments an asset
  • Experience with Expertise France an asset
  • Familiarity with Papua New Guinea an asset

Informations complémentaires

To apply for this position, you can send a resume and a cover letter to the link bellow.

Date limite de candidature : 13/03/2023 23:59

Expertise France est l’agence publique de conception et de mise en œuvre de projets internationaux de coopération technique. L’agence intervient autour de quatre axes prioritaires :

  • gouvernance démocratique, économique et financière ;
  • paix, stabilité et sécurité ;
  • climat, agriculture et développement durable ;
  • santé et développement humain.

Dans ces domaines, Expertise France assure des missions d’ingénierie et de mise en œuvre de projets de renforcement des capacités, mobilise de l’expertise technique et joue un rôle d’ensemblier de projets faisant intervenir de l’expertise publique et des savoir-faire privés.

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