Type d'offre

Type de contrat
Contrat de prestation de services

Secteurs d'activité
Autre ; Développement durable

Date limite de candidature
14/02/2023 14:05

Durée de la mission
Court terme

Indépendant / Entrepreneur Individuel

4 months

Description de la mission

The purpose of the Green Economy Programme is to support the Philippines’ transition towards a green economy, including circular economy, reducing waste and plastic, as well as to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy deployment to support climate change mitigation. The transition to circular economy will have other added benefits such as the reduction of use of energy and greenhouse gas emissions, improvement of biodiversity and natural capital, a decrease in pollution levels, as well as climate change adaptation among others. The action tackles three main levels:

  • establishing a Policy Dialogue Platform at central government level to mobilise EU expertise to facilitate policy formulation, improve city to city collaboration through supporting the development of a National Circular Economy Strategy and Roadmap, extend dialogue to promote renewable energy/energy efficiency and to apply the dialogue’s outcomes (linked to Specific Objective 1 of the action);
  • (ii) working with Local government units (LGUs) where the EU expertise will support to define and implement circular economy, climate change and energy policies with a human rights and gender - responsive perspective, outreach and support of local business and civil society, and support less advanced LGUs (linked to Specific Objective 2 of the action);
  • (iii) enhancing engagement of the private and financial sectors into the circular waste economy creating better conditions for private sector investment by supporting business driven waste reduction strategies and circular solutions in the production process (linked to Specific Objective 3 of the action).

Expertise France, as the agency responsible for co-implementing Specific Objective 3 of the action, seeks a local expert to assist with the planning and development phase of the Philippines Green Economy Programme, which will require “in situ” coordination with a variety of project stakeholders:

  • The EU Delegation of Manila
  • The local implantations of the agencies co-implementing the project (the GIZ, the IFC, and the UNDP)
  • The project beneficiaries, including but not limited to: Philippines government agencies (national and municipal levels); private sector actors such as start-ups and small businesses, investors and other financing institutions, business associations, and entrepreneurial support organisations

The present Terms of Reference have been drafted to allow for the recruitment of a local expert to represent Expertise France in coordination meetings and to assist with the elaboration of the Description of Action, technical offer, and other key project documents.

Description du projet ou contexte

The objective of this mission is for a local expert to accompany represent Expertise France “in situ” in the Philippines throughout the preparatory phase of the Green Economy Programme and to assist with the preparation of key project documents. More specifically, the consulting mission aims to:

  • Participate in working sessions with the EU Delegation of Manila and the implementing agencies of the Philippines Green Economy Programme on an “ad hoc” basis;
  • Prepare and participate in meetings with stakeholders, using his or her local network;
  • Provide a perspective on the feasibility and pertinence of interventions proposed throughout the development of key project documents, including but not limited to:
    • Mission plans
    • Theory of change
    • Description of Action
    • Technical offer
    • Budget
  • Host working groups with project stakeholders as requested

The expert should work closely with the Project Manager at the Expertise France headquarters in Paris. While the majority of the on-site work will be in Manila, the expert may be requested to travel to other regions of the Philippines (any travel will be compensated by Expertise France with prior agreement). 

The following deliverables are expected at the end of the engagement:

  • Minutes from all meetings attended
  • Feedback on key project documents as requested (can be in the form of notes or visio discussions with the Expertise France Project Manager)

The engagement will take place throughout the development phase of the Green Economy Programme, a priori from February 2023 to April or May 2023.  16 – 25 working days are envisioned for this engagement; a work plan will be developed between the consultant and project manager.


Profil souhaité

Individuals with the following qualifications and experiences are invited to apply:

  • Good knowledge of key actors and issues within the context of the green and circular economy in the Philippines, with an extensive network of contacts within the following sectors:
    • Public sector: National government ministries (such as the DOST, DTI, NEDA, etc.); Local Government Units both inside and outside Manila
    • Private sector:
      • Start-ups and small businesses (especially engaged in the circular economy)
      • Investors, microfinance institution, banks, impact funds, etc.
      • Business associations, and entrepreneurial support organisations (incubators, accelerators, research centres, universities)
    • Experience with international cooperation projects (especially the development phase)
    • Knowledge of any of the following technical themes would be considered a strong advantage: plastics circular economy, EPR law, waste management, impact investing, entrepreneurial ecosystems
    • Writing and speaking skills in English

Informations complémentaires

The individual should provide the following documents via email in order to be considered for the engagement:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Cover Letter
  • A financial offer (rate per hour)

Critères de sélection des candidatures

Le processus de sélection des candidats s'opérera selon le(s) critère(s) suivant(s) :

  • Formation/compétences/expériences du candidat
  • Connaissances du candidat du contexte local (pays ou région d’intervention)
  • Compréhension par le candidat des enjeux du projet de coopération
  • Compréhension par le candidat du rôle de la mission au sein du projet de coopération

Date limite de candidature : 14/02/2023 14:05

Document(s) joint(s) : ToR_Expertise Development_PH Green Economy.pdf

Expertise France est l’agence publique de conception et de mise en œuvre de projets internationaux de coopération technique. L’agence intervient autour de quatre axes prioritaires :

  • gouvernance démocratique, économique et financière ;
  • paix, stabilité et sécurité ;
  • climat, agriculture et développement durable ;
  • santé et développement humain.

Dans ces domaines, Expertise France assure des missions d’ingénierie et de mise en œuvre de projets de renforcement des capacités, mobilise de l’expertise technique et joue un rôle d’ensemblier de projets faisant intervenir de l’expertise publique et des savoir-faire privés.

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