Type d'offre

Type de contrat
Contrat de prestation de services

Conditions de l'offre
5 jours/mois & 8 jours de mission/3 mois

Domaines d'expertises
Protection sociale et travail décent ; Systèmes de santé

Date limite de candidature
15/07/2023 12:42

Durée de la mission
Expertise perlée

Indépendant / Entrepreneur Individuel

2 ans

Description de la mission

Working remotely, the short-term experts will approximately work 5 days a week, coming on mission 8 days every 2-3 months in Cairo and in the Phase I governorates (Port Said, Luxor, Assouan etc.). They will work in close collaboration with the full-time project team based in Cairo. To guarantee a better understanding of the context and permanent technical assistance, short-term experts will work hand-in-hand with Egyptian short-term experts on same areas of expertise.


Short-term expertise needs will be precised during a one-month inception phase conducted in January as a start for the project. Required expertise for each component and activity will be identified during this phase and will be selected according to their recognised skills and their extensive experience in link with the activities to carry out.


Considering the different components, we are currently looking for candidates to join a roster of experts in the field of health insurance systems.


Several profiles may be considered for the project to take charge of the main objectives and activities of the project. Considering the different components of the project, special attention will be paid to candidacy of:

  • Experts in health insurance systems financing
  • Experts in health insurance systems coverage extension
  • Experts in health insurance systems (performance) assessment
  • Experts in health insurance systems monitoring & evaluation
  • Experts in health insurance information systems


In order to engage the Egyptian counterparts, it is proposed to establish a Project Coordination Group (PCG) with the Egyptian relevant authorities. The project coordinator will be responsible for feeding the PCG with and validating with its members the progress reports, the 6-months work plans and any other relevant deliverables. The short-term experts may be asked to participate in the PCG meetings on their area of expertise and specific responsibilities in the project.


The project experts will work in close collaboration with the JICA and the World Bank in order to develop complementary approach and activities. It will be the national project coordinator’s duty, with the project manager at Expertise France’s headquarter (HQ) to develop a close collaboration with the JICA and the World Bank. The project coordinator will especially take place in regular coordination meeting, inform the technical and financial partners (TFP) of the evolution of the work plan and the implementation of the project’s activities, coordinate with the TFP on areas where our intervention may interact and adjust in accordance in the cooperation matrix if needed. The project short-term experts may be punctually asked to participate in coordination meetings with the TFP on their area of expertise and specific responsibilities in the project.

Description du projet ou contexte

Description of the context of intervention:


The Egyptian Constitution of 2014 provides for the gradual establishment of a universal health insurance system covering the entire population and whose financing would be based on the principle of solidarity, with each citizen contributing according to his or her income to allow access to health care for all. The law promulgated in January 2018 acts of the implementation of this universal health insurance, in six phases (by group of Governorates) that will allow coverage of the entire territory by 2032.


The effective implementation of the Universal Health Insurance System (UHIS) responds to strategic challenges following the 2011 popular uprisings in Egypt. Faced with rapid population growth, declining labor market participation rates, rising prevalence of non-communicable diseases and deteriorating living conditions (rising poverty), and while the authorities are required to rationalize public spending to ensure the country's macroeconomic stability, they have made the UHIS one of the cornerstones of their social justice reform agenda.


In this context, the French Development Agency (AFD), is financing a Social Protection Budget Support operation of 150 million EUR, in parallel to a World Bank financial support. The budget loan aims at (i) supporting the implementation of the Universal Health Insurance System in first phase’s governorates; (ii) improving spending efficiency for social protection through strengthened steering skills of the Economic Justice Unit of the Ministry of Finance.

The budget support loan has been associated with a technical assistance of 2 million euros, directly granted to the Ministry of Finance, to support the implementation of the UHI law and the strengthening of UHIS’ financial sustainability. To complement the technical assistance, AFD awarded a FEXTE (Fonds d’expertise technique et échanges d’expériences) of 1 million euros to support the operationalisation of the UHI reform in Phase I Governorates. AFD has tasked Expertise France to operate the FEXTE and the general agreement with the Government of Egypt has been signed in September 2021 and ratified by the Parliament in April 2022.


The project “Supporting the implementation of the Universal Health Insurance System in Egypt” aims at strengthening the Egyptian government, especially the Ministry of Health and Population and the UHIS stakeholders (the Egyptian Health Authorities, the Universal Health Insurance Authority and the General Authority for Health Accreditation and Regulation) in their efforts towards the implementation of this transformational reform. The Project will mainly consist in improving business processes of the administrations and their coordination, developing monitoring and evaluation approaches and tools to assess the overall performance of the system and capitalizing on the first phase evaluations to delineate guidelines and manuals for the expansion of the system in new governorates. The expertise and exchanges funds (FEXTE) will be starting in December 2022 and is expected to last until December 31th, 2024.


General description of the project:


As the FEXTE aims at strengthening the Egyptian institutions both in the roll-out of the UHIS reform and in the monitoring of the universal health insurance system, the project will mainly assist the Egyptian Health Authority (EHA), as the public healthcare provider. EHA, UHIA and GAHAR represent key health system functions that are interdependent and need to be well balanced and aligned for good performance of health system. In order to transform the health system in an efficient and coordinated manner across the key stakeholders, UHIA and GAHAR will receive technical assistance in a complimentary manner, especially in the areas where the respective responsibilities of the administrations interact.


The project is expected to assist the Egyptian government in evaluating the 1st phase of the reform, on the 6 Phase I Governorates, and in drafting an action plan for the roll-out of the following phases of the UHIS reform (Component 1). First, the project will review existing evaluations of the 1st phase of the reform and distil these into comprehensive sets of lessons learned that could be used to refine and adjust reform implementation in the reform expansion to the next governorates. Second, based on the lessons learned from the existing evaluations, the project will develop an updated action plan, manuals and checklists to delineate activities and actions to be completed by the UHIS stakeholders for smooth implementation of the UHIS in the next governorates.


The project will also support the development of data- and evidence-based performance improvement approaches for the UHIS (Component 2). To help ensuring the financial sustainability, efficiency and quality of services of the UHIS, the project will support the system stakeholders in reviewing and developing monitoring and evaluation processes. To feed the monitoring and evaluation processes, the project will support the development of a standardized reporting and data collection system from health facilities and from the main UHIS stakeholders. The first two activities of this component will allow the technical assistance team to support the creation of a national health system (performance) assessment approach that could be used to systematically assess UHI reform impact and overall performance of the health system, thus evaluating how the reform allows Egypt to move toward the achievement of universal health coverage goals.


The technical assistance (TA) will eventually assist the UHIS institutions for the roll-out of the new system (Component 3). The strengthening of the administrations will start by study visits to the kick start long-term cooperation relationship and provide opportunity for peer-to-peer exchange with relevant partners in France or other European countries for hands-on experience on UHI-like systems. Based on the UHIS administrations requests, the technical assistance will then support them in improving their business processes, their coordination and efficiency. With a hands-on approach, the TA would analyse the existing business processes of the different stakeholders involved in the reform to identify potential roadblocks and untapped synergies and overpass them.


The project team will consist of a team in Cairo:

  • 1 Egyptian project coordinator
  • 1 Project assistant
  • Support / backstopping from Expertise France HQ (Paris)


The project team will be supported in their missions by a team of short-term experts in health insurance systems to provide hands-on technical assistance to the Egyptian partners on:

  • Evaluating the 1st phase of the UHI reform, consolidating lessons learned and developing an action plan for the following phases of the reform
  • Developing a data- and evidence-based performance improvement approaches for the UHIS
  • Rolling-out the new system and improving business processes to ensure coordination and efficiency between the main stakeholders of UHIS

Profil souhaité


  • University Degree in Economics, Social Sciences, Health, International cooperation or other relevant diplomas;
  • At least 10 years’ experience in the field of social protection and health insurance systems;
  • Computer proficiency in MS office, in particular MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, and of messaging and videoconferencing tools;
  • Fluency in English (both oral and written) required;
  • Knowledge of Arabic and French (written and oral) would be an advantage;
  • Good interpersonal skills;
  • Organisational skills;
  • Passionate and engaged;
  • Capacity to work independently;
  • Team spirit;
  • Ready to work in a multicultural environment.


The following experience and skills will be considered as an asset:


  • Knowledge of the social protection system of Egypt
  • 3 to 5 years of relevant experience at the national or international level;
  • Experience of participation in international projects dealing with social reform.

Informations complémentaires

Application deadline: 15/07/2023

Starting date: September 2023

Expected duration of assignment: Until December 31th, 2024.

Location: Cairo, remotely

Salary: gross monthly salary depending on experience

Short-term position with regular missions to Egypt (10 days every 3 months)

Interviews are scheduled to be held in January through Skype. Please send your skype ID with your application. We thank you very much for your application!

Critères de sélection des candidatures

Le processus de sélection des candidats s'opérera selon le(s) critère(s) suivant(s) :

  • Compétences du candidat en lien avec la mission d’expertise
  • Expériences du candidat en lien avec la mission d’expertise
  • Compréhension linguistiques attendues du candidat

Date limite de candidature : 15/07/2023 12:42

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