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Job offer type

Type of contract
Service contract

Activity sectors
Global threats and organized crime

Deadline date
09/08/2021 14:59

Duration of the assignment
Beaded expertise


16 months - Approx 100 Working days

Mission description

General objective of the mission

Under the supervision and guidance of Expertise France, the M&E expert will ensure the development/adjustement of existin monitoring and evaluation systems and tools, ensuring that monitoring and evaluation arrangements comply with donor agreements and project requirements (M&E framework design and planning, data collection and management, accountability, evaluation, learning). S/he will analyse and report on the implementation of project activities, measure their impact, monitor the project performance against the initial project baseline and suggest ways to fine-tune the strategy in order to reach expected results/define new results. S/he will also contribute to building a constructive learning environment at all project levels, promoting good practices and key recommendations for ensuring sustainability, lessons learned and ideas for future interventions.

Specific objectives (non-exhaustive list)

The M&E Expert will work with the project team to develop and promote the use of the MEAL system to ensure that:

  1. Data on project activities is collected in a systematic way, consolidated, analyzed and shared to support project management and to increase EF performance.
  2. Mechanisms for upwards (donors) and downwards (beneficiaries) accountability are in place.
  3. Evidence-based data is available to measure the impact of the project in the target countries.
  4. Learning from project is captured and is applied to improve ongoing & future activities and projects.

The M&E of the project allows the project management to redirect the actions in a reactive way according to the evolution of the risks, the experienced feedback and according to the effects of the action plan on the achievement of the project objectives (performance). Finally, it allows the global evaluation of the project (performance, effects, impact).

Description of tasks (non-exhaustive lists)

The M&E expert will accomplish this through the design /adjustement of a comprehensive MEAL framework/system ensuring project quality and donor reporting, as well as promoting and fostering a culture of shared learning and accountability within the project team (including partners).

Design the project M&E framework

  • Update the logical framework
  • Evaluate the needs of the project in terms of monitoring systems, data collection and reporting, either within EF or with implementing partners
  • Develop a robust M&E plan, including adequate disaggregation, data collection tools and methodology, data flow maps and analysis plans for all project indicators.
  • Set-up a baseline informing the initial value of all the project indicators and fine-tuning indicators listed in the original logical framework
  • Set up a data collection system, and possibly data visualization software (such as PowerBI) to easily consolidate, disaggregate and manage M&E data
  • Train the Project Team on the tools and processes put in place

Ensure implementation of M&E plan and framework, in line with EF M&E policy

  • Monitor project M&E plan with continuous updates of project indicators to systematically document performance and identify areas for improvement
  • Support project team in planning and implementing project reviews to analyze progress made against initial targets, as well as relevance of activities according to the evolution of the context. Whenever relevant, suggest new possible re-orientations and adaptation / fine-tuning of the Theory of change
  • Work with the Project Team to ensure M&E tools and processes are understood and properly implemented in the course of the project
  • Work in cooperation with the team leader to ensure M&E tools and processes are correctly used to report on the project performance in progress reports
  • Ensure compliance of the project M&E framework with EF M&E policy

Contribute to a constructive learning environment, promote good practices and produce analysis

  • Support the development of relevant accountability initiatives through the project as well as strengthen the effort to document the impact of EF activities.
  • Share lessons learned from M&E data regularly with the Project Team, communicate recommendations and regularly follow up the implementation of these recommendations.
  • Support internal and external evaluations focusing on overall achievements of objectives, key recommendations for ensuring sustainability, lessons learned and ideas for future interventions. In particular, develop case studies in target countries including descriptions of what changed, how the change came about, the contribution of EF intervention, wider contributions and lessons learned.
  • Contribute to the M&E, knowledge management and learning efforts at EF level in general

Any other task related to the mission, at the request of Expertise France.

Expected deliverables (non-exhaustive list)

  • Updated logical framework with indicators reflecting the findings of the inception phase
  • Baseline informing the initial value of all project indicators
  • Regular update of the indicators’ tracker
  • Learning products such as case studies to capture and promote good practices
  • Evaluation reports
  • Mission reports
  • Monthly reports

Project or context description

The GoGIN project (Gulf of Guinea Interregional Network) – Project funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France) has been launched in October 2016 and will end by December 2022.

The overall objective of GoGIN is to contribute to maritime safety and security in the region of the Gulf of Guinea in order to favour blue economy and economic development of the countries. To do so, it provides technical assistance to the maritime structures in charge of the fight against maritime illicit activities, in the framework of the Yaoundé Architecture (CEDEAO, CEEAC, CGG).

In particular, three specific objectives are foreseen for GoGIN:

  • Specific objective 1: Improvement of information collection, sharing and use
  • Specific objective 2: Reinforcement of national organisations in charge of management of maritime activities, maritime safety and security.
  • Specific objective 3: Reinforcement of the supranational centres of the Yaoundé Architecture (zonal, regional and interregional coordination)

Since 2019, GOGIN focused its effort on developing a dedicated software for information sharing and management of incidents called “YARIS” (Yaoundé Architecture Regional Information System). Its deployment within the GoGin maritime centres is ongoing. The activities designed are implemented through 2 components:

  • Component 1: Information system and sources.
  • Component 2: Capacity building.

The YARIS platform is a secured web platform, connecting its customers in a large network, allowing them to integrate, share and process the maritime security information. More particularly, YARIS has been designed as a decision-making tool to define a strategy and to prepare and conduct the maritime security operations.

Required profile

Education / qualification

  • Master degree (BA or MA or equivalent) in law, political or social science, international development, monitoring and evaluation
  • Fluent in spoken and written English and ideally French
  • Excellent reporting and communication skills
  • Excellent drafting skills

Professional experience

  • A minimum of 7 years of relevant experience in international cooperation project management and development
  • Demonstrated and confirmed experience in M&E framework design and implementation, especially on European-Union funded projects. Previous work experience in building MEAL system in remote management would be an asset
  • Sector experience in projects related to maritime security would be an asset

Additional specific requirements

  • Thorough understanding of project monitoring and evaluation frameworks based on OECD standards
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Capacity to work under pressure
  • Ability to evolve in a political and sensitive environment
  • Demonstrated cultural sensitivity, negotiating and diplomatic skills 

Additional information

Condition of the mission

  • Duration of the contract: 16 months, 100 Working days ( approx 6WD/month)
  • Beginning of the mission : End August/ Septmeber 2021
  • Contract: Service contract. The expert will have to ensure that all the administrative and fiscal requirements related to his activity in her/his country are respected.
  • Budget: To be determined according to the candidate's profile. Please include the expected daily fees requested (cost / day) in your application.
  • Working conditions: The expert will be home-based. Occasional missions to Paris, France.


Selection criteria for the shortlist (/100 points)


Relevance of academic training / studies

5 points

Fluent English (spoken and written)

20 points

Professional experience

55 points     

Relevant experience of at least 7 years in international cooperation project management and development

20 points

Demonstrated and confirmed experience in M&E framework design and implementation, especially on European-Union funded projects

20 points

Proven reporting and communication skills

15 points

Additional specific experiences

20 points

Thorough understanding of project monitoring and evaluation frameworks based on OECD standards

5 points

Computer skills

15 points


Selection criteria during the oral interview with the 3 persons selected on the shortlist (/100 points)

Oral communication skills English/French

Ability to convince, argue and defend an idea

Interpersonal skills

Understanding of the mission and of the project of which it is a part of

Competence for analysis, synthesis and organization


20 points

15 points

15 points

30 points

20 points




  • CV (preferably in the EU format)
  • Cover letter
  • Daily fees proposal (cost / day)

Selection criteria for applications

The selection process for candidates will be based on the following criteria :

  • Candidate’s expected linguistic understanding
  • Candidate’s experiences linked with the expert mission

Deadline for application : 09/08/2021 14:59

Expertise France is the public agency of French international technical cooperation. The agency operates around four priorities:

  • democratic, economic and financial governance;
  • security and stability of countries in crisis/post-crisis situations;
  • sustainable development;
  • strengthening health systems, social protection and employment.

In these areas, Expertise France carries out engineering and implementation missions for capacity building projects, mobilizes technical expertise and acts as an aggregator of projects involving public expertise and private know-how.

With an activity volume of 233 million euros, more than 400 projects in portfolio in 80 countries, and 63,000 days of expertise, Expertise France focuses its action towards France’s solidarity policy, influence and economic diplomacy.

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