Type d'offre

Type de contrat
Contrat de prestation de services

Conditions de l'offre
Part time

Secteurs d'activité
Menaces globales et criminalité organisée

Date limite de candidature
07/07/2021 12:04

Durée de la mission
Long terme

Indépendant / Entrepreneur Individuel

16 mois

Description de la mission

  • General objective of the mission

The YARIS platform is currently being rolled through the national and transnational maritime security components involved under the umbrella of the Yaoundé Code of Conduct.

As part of this roll-out, under the responsibility of the head of component, the general objective of the expert is to ensure specific training is designed and provided to the analysis and planning staff that will use the YARIS platform, for both training and exercises, for day-to-day maritime operations conduct.

In this framework, the expert’s mission is to provide a combination of onsite training using the pre-prepared curriculum, also providing Command Post Exercises (CPX), Tabletop Exercises (TTX), Live Exercises (LIVEX), in order to optimize the use of YARIS by the targeted staff.

The expert will be embedded and under direction of the Capacity building component of the project.

He will be trained by GoGIN as YARIS platform trainer.

  • Specific objectives

 As capacity building head of component assistant:

  1. The expert will assist the head of component to design courses and training materials for the staff in charge of analysis and planning.
  2. The expert will participate to the training feedback analysis.
  3. The expert will participate to the centres and staff trained evaluation.

 As trainer:

The expert will be required to deliver YARIS training courses and courses on methodology to process maritime information (analysis, planning) to the benefit of national or transnational agencies (both civilian and military) from the countries involved in the action of state at sea. These training events will take place from September 2021 to December 2022, online (virtual), or on ground in the partner countries of the project.

  1. The training materials will be provided by the GoGIN Capacity Building team.
  2. Expert will conduct, participate or assist in the implementation of CPX and TTX.
  3. The expert will assist in the administration leading up to and throughout the delivery of the training course, CPX and TTX, as required.
  4. In addition, the expert may have to work with the team to prepare and deliver specific trainings (remotely or not), webinar or seminar presentations as required.
  • Description of the tasks to be assigned.

For each of the event that the experts will be involved, they shall carry out part or all the following tasks:

  1. Design and prepare courses and training materials for the staff in charge of analysis and planning.
  2. Assist the Component Manager to prepare the administration of the course to be delivered (YARIS technical courses / Maritime information processing (analysis, planning, conduct) methodology courses / CPX / TTX / Seminar / Webinar)
  3. Deliver or mentor (head of mission) the training courses / TTX / CPX / Webinars / Presentations as required for the event.
  4. Record daily participation for the event.
  5. Participate in hot and cold debriefs of the training event.
  6. Obtain participant feedback from each course delivered to facilitate improvements to the course curriculum.
  7. Evaluate the progress of their training targets.
  8. Produce specific reports (analysis, mission reports etc)
    • Expected Results

A training strategy and related courses are available and implemented for enhancement of the Yaoundé and national maritime security architecture staff’s skills on process of maritime information (analysis, planning).


Description du projet ou contexte

The GoGIN project ((Gulf of Guinea Interregional Network – Project funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France) has been launched in October 2016 and will end by December 2022.

The overall objective of GoGIN is to contribute to maritime safety and security in the region of the Gulf of Guinea in order to favour blue economy and economic development of the countries. To do so, it provides technical support to national and transnational structures in charge of fight against maritime illicit activities, assistance to vessels and people, antipollution, under the umbrella of the Yaoundé Code of Conduct.

Note that the Code gave rise to an operative transnational structure, called Yaoundé Architecture,  funded by the signatories and implemented by ECCAS (Economic Community of Central African States), ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States), and CGG ( Commission of Gulf of Guinea), based on the national structures.

In particular, three specific objectives are foreseen for GoGIN:

  • Specific objective 1: Improvement of information collection, sharing and use, taking into account needs of each maritime centres, national authorities, regional organisations and sea users.
  • Specific objective 2: Reinforcement of national organisations in charge of maritime activities management, maritime safety and security. Doing so, GoGIN bases its support on relevant national strategies and particular needs identified by the partners themselves.
  • Specific objective 3: Reinforcement of the different levels of maritime centres in charge of zonal, regional and interregional coordination, according to the strategic orientation defined by the relevant authorities.

The activities designed to achieve these specific objectives are implemented through 2 components:

  • Component 1: Information system and sources.
  • Component 2: Capacity building.

Since 2020 the project activities have focused on the YARIS (Yaoundé Architecture Regional Information System) deployment through the Gulf of Guinea national and transnational maritime security structures. The YARIS platform is a secured web platform, connecting its customers in a large network, allowing them to integrate, share and process the maritime security information. More particularly, YARIS has been designed as a decision-making tool to define a strategy and to prepare and conduct the maritime security operations. 

Profil souhaité

  1. Number of experts: 1
  2. Number of request Man Days: 150 as a maximum ( part time)


Professional Profile:

Qualification and skills

  • Sound qualifications in Maritime Security and/or maritime and/or military.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English or French / Portuguese, and English or French / Spanish speaking is an asset.
  • Excellent communication skills, sense of diplomacy.

General and specific professional experience

  • A minimum of 15 years of working experience in maritime security domain or 7 years at operation coordination level.
  • Experience in maritime information management, operational coordination, and information sharing.
  • Proven experience in training and capacity building of staff belonging to maritime administrations.
  • Experience of international cooperation inter-administrations.
  • Regional and international mobility is viewed as essential in the completion of the expected tasks.
  • Team spirit.
  • Working experience in the Gulf of Guinea (from Senegal to Angola).

Eligibility criteria

A minimum of 15 years of working experience in maritime security domain or 7 years at operation coordination level.

Criteria to establish a shortlist of candidates for interviews:

  • High level experience in maritime domain awareness, maritime coordination, information (35 points).
  • Proven experience in training and capacity building of staff belonging to maritime administrations (35 points).
  • Proven work experience in the countries of the Gulf of Guinea or with nationals of these countries (15 points).
  • Fluent in spoken and written in two languages between French, English or Portuguese. Spanish is an asset (15 points).

Selection criteria during interviews:

  • Understanding of the mission and objectives (20 points)
  • Fluent in spoken and written in two languages between French, English or Portuguese. Spanish is an asset (20 points).
  • Excellent communication skills and sense of diplomacy (10 points).
  • Ability to defend an idea, convince and argue (15 points)
  • Ability to travel in the GoG (20 points)
  • Team work (15 points).

Informations complémentaires


As head of component assistant:

  • Courses and training materials requested by the head of component.
  • Any deliverable requested by the head of component.

As a trainer:

For each training event:

  • As listed in para II.3., in accordance with specific tacks performed.
  • A report specific to the training event according a specific template.

At the end of the mission:

  • A mission report according to a specific template.

Place, Duration and details of contract delivery

  • Geographical scope of the project: all Gulf of Guinea rim countries (from Senegal to Angola).
  • Period of implementation: 16 months
  • Start of activities: September 1st, 2021.
  • Date of termination: Decembre 2022
  • Number of experts: 1
  • Number of request Man Days: 150 as a maximum ( part time ( approx 9days/month)
  • Consultancy contrat

NB : The contract will only be signed when and if the contract is signed with the European Union which funds the GOGIN PROJECT

Critères de sélection des candidatures

Le processus de sélection des candidats s'opérera selon le(s) critère(s) suivant(s) :

  • Compréhension linguistiques attendues du candidat
  • Compréhension par le candidat du rôle de la mission au sein du projet de coopération
  • Formation/compétences/expériences du candidat

Date limite de candidature : 07/07/2021 12:04

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