Type d'offre

Type de contrat
Contrat de prestation de services

Date limite de candidature
15/11/2020 20:00

Durée de la mission
Expertise perlée

Indépendant / Entrepreneur Individuel

17 days

Description de la mission

  • General objective

The objective of the assignment is to undertake a participatory organizational capacity assessment of the Network of Networks of HIV Positive in Ethiopia (NEP+), using the HIV Network Capacity Analysis toolkit methodology (Annex 1).

  • Specific objectives
  1. To lead a capacity assessment workshop with NEP+ staff and key network constituents to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the network;
  2. To undertake an external review of perceptions of NEP+ among external stakeholders;
  3. To draw up a capacity building action plan to address NEP+ capacity gaps.
  • Expected results
  1. The Capacity assessment workshop leads to a shared understanding, among NEP+ constituents, of the capacity gaps and of how to address them.
  2. The action plan allows NEP+ to prioritize action and get the necessary support to implement it.


  • Planned activities

The planned activities will follow the methodology from the HIV Network Capacity Analysis toolkit (Annex 1).

1.Assignment preparation

  • Briefing call with NEP+ leadership team and Expertise France to clarify the purpose of the assignment and the assessment.
  • Desk review of relevant documents, including previous capacity assessments or self-assessments. This activity should not duplicate or anticipate activity 6 below.

 2. Planning the capacity assessment workshop (see Toolkit section 3.2, pages 6-7)

With strong NEP+ support, the consultant will plan a 3-day participatory organizational capacity assessment workshop with NEP+ staff and network members. All logistical requirements will be dealt with by NEP+ team.

NEP+ staff and stakeholders should be involved in an initial meeting to clarify why capacity is being analyzed, how the analysis will be done and how the results will be used.

The consultant will meet with the translator and NEP+ to plan the workshop. Translation issues will be discussed beforehand.

The detailed workshop schedule will be planned, following as much as possible and relevant the suggested timetable on page 7 of the Workshop Facilitation guide in annex 1.

3. Developing a profile for the network (see Toolkit chapter 4, pages 8-15)

Developing a profile of the network includes documenting its background, detailing its main activities, and highlighting some key achievements and challenges. It can provide vital information and future reference for the facilitator of the workshop as well as other future providers of technical support.


4. Facilitating the workshop (see Toolkit chapter 5, pages 16-44)

The consultant will be the lead facilitator during the workshop.

The following six key areas will be explored during the workshop as per the facilitation guide:

  1. Involvement and accountability
  2. Leadership
  3. Knowledge and skills
  4. Internal communication
  5. Advocacy, policy and external communication
  6. Management and finance

5. Conducting an external stakeholder review (see Toolkit chapter 6, pages 45-59)

The list of key external stakeholders that the consultant should meet will be established with NEP+ team, who will also support contacting the stakeholders and scheduling the meetings.

6. Reviewing network documents (see Toolkit chapter 7, pages 60-61)

The aim of this exercise is to validate and check workshop findings by reviewing the completeness and quality of relevant documents, as well as assessing how recently they have been reviewed or updated and how well they have been disseminated within the network.

7. Drafting the capacity assessment report (see Toolkit chapter 8, pages 62-68)


Restitution to the network leadership team and finalization of the report


Description du projet ou contexte

Established in 2004 by people living with HIV, the Network of Networks of HIV positive in Ethiopia (NEP+) is an umbrella organization of 12 constituent networks: 11 regional networks of 500+ PLHIV associations and one national network of women living with HIV. Networks’ member associations encompass about 200,000 people living with HIV. In addition, member associations are reaching an estimated half a million beneficiaries (PLHIV families) with prevention and care services. NEP+ is currently operating all over the country, including at the grass root level on the HIV prevention, care and treatment continuum.

With the support of Expertise France, a Resource Mobilization (RM) Strategy was developed along with trainings in RM in order to support the organization to achieve funding sustainability. The RM strategy also identifies capacity gaps and areas for further strengthening that would support NEP+ successful contribution to HIV program. The other area that was supported is the development of an organizational database, using DHIS 2 platform, to improve project monitoring and evaluation process and data management. This database have been installed in NEP+ head office and in the 12-member network offices. Currently, data entered at regional level can be accessed at the head office level and help to generate automatic data reports.

Moreover, the evolving status of CSOs - thanks to a new NGOs law that increases opportunities for engagement and participation of CSOs - and in particular NEP+ in a context of important structural changes, demands a greater focus on NEP+ capacity and functions, collaboration across networks and associations as well as a revision of its strategic areas of focus so that the organization can be well positioned to continue and expand its mandate.

Profil souhaité

International consultant – Organizational capacity assessment

1. Qualifications and skills:

  • Advanced university degree in public health, international development, or a related field
  • Proven analytical skills
  • An ability to write in a clear and concise manner; excellent English writing skills
  • Excellent interpersonal/diplomatic skills and ability to establish effective working relationships with people in a multi-cultural environment
  • Fluency in English (spoken and written) is compulsory
  • Appropriate knowledge and skills in gender issues

2.General professional experience:

  • A minimum of 5 years’ professional experience working on organizational development issues with civil society organizations, preferably in the HIV/AIDS sector. Familiarity with organizational development terminology and methodology is necessary
  • Experience in the HIV/AIDS sector in a developing country is necessary
  • Previous experience in undertaking participatory organizational assessments with civil society organizations or networks, preferably in the HIV/AIDS sector
  • Experience in integrating of the gender approach with specific action


3. Specific professional experience:

  • Strong work experience in participatory methods
  • Strong work experience in facilitating participatory workshops
  • The consultant must be sensitive to issues affecting network members
  • A good understanding of how networks function, of their roles and responsibilities and their added value in the HIV/AIDS response
  • Previous work experience in Ethiopia or in the region is desirable
  • Familiarity with the HIV network capacity analysis toolkit will be a plus

Informations complémentaires

  • Expected deliverables


  1. NEP+ profile document
  2. Capacity assessment report, including notes from the workshop and from the external interviews (in annexes)
  3. Capacity building Action plan


  • Coordination

The consultant and the consultant in strategic planning (team leader, see ToR 19SANIN885-1 NEP+) will be required to work closely together, so as to deliver quality deliverables.

The consultant should meet representatives of the French Embassy at the Department of Cooperation and Cultural Action (SCAC) in Addis Ababa before the end of the assignment to provide a  debrief about the assignment.

  • Provisional Start date: November 2020


  • Provisional End date: January 2021

At least at the end of the assignment, a debriefing meeting will be held with the beneficiary.

  • Assignment duration: 17 days

Consultant (international) will work 17 days, of which 13 days will be based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and 4 days will be working remotely for assignment preparation and writing the assignment report.

  • Planning:

An indicative calendar should be submitted as part of the application.


  • Plan 2 field missions
  • Assignment preparation: 2 days
  • First mission: 5 days in Addis Ababa and 1 day remotely
  • Second mission: 8 days in Addis Ababa and 1 day remotely


Critères de sélection des candidatures

Le processus de sélection des candidats s'opérera selon le(s) critère(s) suivant(s) :

  • Compétences du candidat en lien avec la mission d’expertise
  • Connaissances du candidat du contexte local (pays ou région d’intervention)
  • Expériences du candidat en lien avec la mission d’expertise
  • Formation/compétences/expériences du candidat

Date limite de candidature : 15/11/2020 20:00

Document(s) joint(s) : ToR 19SANIN885-2 NEP+.pdf - Annex 1. Network Capacity Analysis guide.pdf - 1. Resume Template.docx - 2. Declaration of honour relating to exclusion criteria.docx

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