Type d'offre

Type de contrat
Détachement d'un agent d'une administration publique ou parapublique

Domaines d'expertises
Mobilisation des ressources, gestion et redevabilité publiques

Date limite de candidature
30/11/2020 23:59

Durée de la mission
Court terme

Détachement d'un agent d'une administration publique ou parapublique

Description de la mission

By Project is meant the TA support funded by AFD with the 1.5 MEUR grant.

By GESDEK Program is meant the GESDEK co-financed by AFD’s and the WB’s soft loans.

The experts will work within the Public Debt Management Office (PDMO), created within the Directorate of Public Debt Mangement of the National Treasury. His/her contract is signed with Expertise France. He/she is therefore under the supervision of the project manager of Expertise France, based in Paris, to who he/she will report directly. He/she will also have to work in good relationship with the local coordinator and the agency of the AFD based in Nairobi.

Coming from the French Public Administration, the Experts will add value to the PDMO by supporting the teams in their functioning as well as through specific training answering the Office’s needs.

Therefore, he / she could be in charge of the following activities:

  • Technical Assistance (TA) on supporting the debt management organisation and governance to achieve the debt and borrowing policy objectives in the most efficient way;
  • TA on developing a framework for risk management;
  • TA on restructuring the debt portfolio to minimize risks and costs.

During his/ her mission, the expert will focus on maximizing the transfer of skills to the PDMO and other GESDEK implementing agencies, with the help of formal and informal relations and trainings to ensure a long-lasting impact.

This process aims to establish a pool of qualified experts who can be called upon on short notice to provide the specific consultancy services in relation to the skills, qualifications and work experience mentioned below.

Additional information on tasks and activities to be performed will be provided to selected candidates in a timely manner.

The functions/duties/key results of this job description are generic and may not always be applicable, nor comprehensive, for all jobs under this job title.

Description du projet ou contexte

Support project to the implementation of the Public Finance Management reform strategy, through the GESDEK Program in Kenya – KENGEFIP

In Kenya, the National Treasury has initiated several Public Financial Management Reform (PFMR) initiatives under the PFMR strategy 2013-2018 that was renewed in a 2018-2023 Strategy. This PFMR strategy seeks to make Public Finance Management more efficient, effective, participatory and transparent resulting in improved accountability and better service delivery for Kenyans. The new County governments also have PFM responsibilities that were integrated within the new PFM strategy produced in 2018. The current PFMR strategy is based on eight results areas outlining key PFM reforms:

  1. Sustainable and predictable fiscal space to deliver government programs.
  2. Strategic and Transparent Spending on Public Investment and Service Delivery in Line with National and County Policy Commitments
  3. Reliable cash for service delivery and public investment.
  4. Value for money in procurement and contract management.
  5. Value for money, performance & accountability in staffing for service delivery
  6. Education institutions, health and other service facilities effectively manage public resources.
  7. Disciplined financial management and accurate reporting.
  8. Accountability delivered through audit, oversight and follow up

AFD has agreed to support the implementation of the PFMR Strategy, along with a sectoral budget support - GESDEK – co-financed with the World Bank, which uses the “Program for results” tool. The AFD support will be funded through two means:

  • A soft loan in the form of a Sector Budget Support (SBS), of 30 million euros.
  • A grant in the form of a Technical assistance support (TA) of 1.5 million euros, managed by Expertise France, the French public agency for international technical assistance.

The TA support will also aim to promote partnerships between Kenyan institutions and their French counterparts. Expertise France will ensure the mobilization and coordination of the technical expertise.

The PFMR Secretariat of the National Treasury has recruited a local coordinator in order to (i) monitor the implementation of the TA support in conjunction with the other departments of the National Treasury and the Office of the Auditor General, and to (ii) coordinate and complement the short-term expertise supports. 


Debt Management Context in Kenya

The annual estimates of revenues and expenditures are prepared on the basis of macroeconomic assumptions. These assumptions are then verified as part of the budget execution monitoring. In case of significant differences between forecasts and execution, and in order to avoid a slippage in public finances, it is essential to set up effective budgetary regulation mechanisms while preserving so-called protected spending. The same applies to the borrowing policy, which should provide for the ways but also the limits to meet the financing needs in case of under-execution of the revenues during the year.

Profil souhaité

Qualifications et compétences :

  • University postgraduate degree in a field relevant to the assignment: Public administration, Finance, Public law;
  • Excellent general knowledge and understanding of the public administration, especially public financial institutions;
  • Excellent organisational, communication, interpersonal and cultural sensitivity skills and capacity to the public administration, especially public financial institutions;
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment and adaptability to foreign systems and institutions;
  • Ability to work as part of a team;
  • Excellent report writing skills;
  • Good command of computer applications and information technologies (such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Internet browsers);
  • Proficiency in English.


Expérience professionnelle :

  • A minimum of 15 years’ experience on PFM in the French Public Administration;
  • At least 5 years professional experience on Debt Management;
  • Experience in similar assignments would be an added value;
  • Proven experience of working in a multi-cultural environment;
  • Experience in working on cooperation projects.

Informations complémentaires

All applications must include the following:

  • CV  

Applications should be sent to Expertise France, using the following subject: KENGEFIP – Roster Debt Management

The process of selection of expressions of interest will occur in two phases:

  • As a first step, a shortlist will be freely established by Expertise France.
  • Selected candidates may then be invited for an interview.

Fees for the services will be negotiated with the designated candidate.

Date limite de candidature : 30/11/2020 23:59

Expertise France est l’agence publique de conception et de mise en œuvre de projets internationaux de coopération technique. L’agence intervient autour de quatre axes prioritaires :

  • gouvernance démocratique, économique et financière ;
  • paix, stabilité et sécurité ;
  • climat, agriculture et développement durable ;
  • santé et développement humain.

Dans ces domaines, Expertise France assure des missions d’ingénierie et de mise en œuvre de projets de renforcement des capacités, mobilise de l’expertise technique et joue un rôle d’ensemblier de projets faisant intervenir de l’expertise publique et des savoir-faire privés.

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