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Type of contract
Service contract

Deadline date
2024/05/23 18:00

Duration of the assignment
Short term


6 months

Mission description

The main objective of the assignment is to draft and complete the local waste management plans for two (2) identified hromadas (Pryluky and Oster) and to provide a series of four (4) trainings and workshops on household waste management that involves different categories of trainees.

Local Waste Management Plan (LWP) is a program document that containing a set of interrelated tasks and measures aimed to ensuring sustainable waste management in the hromadas.

All Hromadas has obligation to develop LWP pursuant to paragraph 1 of part two of Article 26 of the new Law of Ukraine "On Waste Management".

Local plans are the third of the four levels of planning envisaged by the waste management reform. The development of which should be carried out in accordance with:

·       Procedure for the development, approval and approval of local waste management plans, approved by the Government Resolution No. 947 dated 05.09.2023;

·       Methodological Recommendations for the Development of Local Waste Management Plans, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Ecology No. 288 of 15.03.2024.

The LWMP is developed for a period of 10 years and should be consistent with the regional waste management plan.


Specific assignment:



Estimated expert days

Estimated timeline

1. Draft and complete the Local Waste Management Plans (LWMP) for two hromadas (Pryluky and Oster).

The LWMP must contain the following sections:

·       Introductory part;

·       Characterization of the hromadas;

·       Analysis of the current state of waste management in the hromadas;

·       Planning of waste management of the hromadas;

·       Monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the local plan implementation;

·       Information on strategic environmental assessment;

·       Information sources;

·       A list of concrete recommendations;

·       Plan of realistic projects and measures for implementation (institutional, infrastructural, etc.)

·       annexes.

 80 expert days (40 per hromada)

30th June – 31st October 2024

2. Develop a program of 4 offline trainings and workshops on household waste management for each of the 2 hromadas

Trainings programs must:

·       Be developed in accordance with the current legislation in Ukraine;

·       Provide regular meetings with stakeholders;

·       Involve different categories of trainees (local government officials, local deputies, specialists of business entities operating in waste management field, local NGO representatives, civil society representatives, etc.)

 16 expert days (8 per hromada)

1st July – 30 September 2024



 96 expert days



Project or context description

Expertise France is the French international technical cooperation agency, with the status of public institution under the joint supervision of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) and the Ministries of Economics and Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty. It is the second largest technical cooperation agency in Europe. Expertise France designs and implements projects that strengthen public policies over the long term in developing and emerging countries.

Ukraine is a key partner for Expertise France, which has had a local presence since 2006 with a representative office and projects. Over the years, Expertise France has built up a relationship of trust with its partner administrations.

Ukraine’s need for support is of great scale and priority in the context of the ongoing war and starting to prepare for recovery processes. At the same time, Ukraine’s European and international partners are heavily mobilized to offer their support, both financial and technical in response to the growing needs of Ukraine.

In the response to the existing situation and challenges, France has launched a coordinated assistance to Ukraine. The mAIDan Ukraine program is a multisector technical assistance facility funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a part of the French support to Ukraine coordinated by the French Special Envoy for Ukraine Relief and Reconstruction. The program’s main objective is to identify needs and propose technical cooperation projects that support resilience, reconstruction, and the accession process in Ukraine.

Program sub-objectives include mobilisation of the technical solutions to meet the most urgent needs and initiate structuring cooperation, as well as financing or co-financing technical assistance projects during 2023-2026.

During Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano in July 2023, France has expressed the commitment to support Chernihiv region in terms of recovery and reconstruction processes. In the light of the decision, one of the priority projects within mAIDan programme will aim at support of Chernihiv region.

The Chernihiv region of Ukraine, which was hit hard by Russian bombings during the first weeks of the war, has strong old historical links with France, notably through Franco-Ukrainian technical cooperation. In July 2022, at the Lugano conference, France reiterated its commitment to supporting Ukraine through humanitarian, economic, financial, diplomatic and military aid and announced that it wished to concentrate its support on the Chernihiv region in terms of reconstruction by supporting several public and private initiatives.

In terms of decentralization, Ukraine made significant progress between 2015 and 2020, but territorial governance system is in the middle of the process with reforms initiated but not completed. In the Chernihiv region, regional and local development strategies for the period of 2021-2027 have been developed, but must be updated and adapted to the war context and the most urgent local needs. In the current situation, reconstruction needs remain very important and a priority for the Hromadas, particularly for road and connection infrastructure.

In short, the region is a concentration of current Ukrainian challenges: war and reconstruction, the need for a new balance in terms of territorial governance and the revitalization of areas that were already disadvantaged before the war.

The main goal of the project is to support « Support to the authorities in Chernihiv’s Region for reconstruction and decentralization » project is structured around three pillars:

•           Pillar 1: Reform (adapt the strategic documentations to the recovery context)

•           Pillar 2: Capacity building in the sectors: Mobility, Agriculture, Waste management, Culture & Heritage and Innovation (cross-sectoral)

•           Pillar 3: Reconstruction through partnership with French municipalities

The project will operate in the Chernihiv region in general and in particular in the following 7 hromadas and 1 rayon: Ichnia, Oster, Nova Basan, Novyi Bilous, Novgorod-Siverskiy, Pryluky, Semenivka.

The expected result of Pillar 1, Reform, is a review and alignment with the national guidelines of the strategic documents in terms of decentralization and local governance, at all levels of local governance.

The expected result of Pillar 2, Capacity Building, is a strengthening of the capacities of agents at the different regional and local administrative levels. Pillar 2 adopts a multi-sectoral approach (mobility, agriculture, waste management, culture and heritage, innovation). A large part of the sectoral intervention will consist of carrying out diagnostics and feasibility studies which will make it possible to constitute a solid base for the future projects.

The expected result of Pillar 3. Reconstruction, will consist of the mobilization of French municipalities in a peer-to-peer dialogue with Ukrainian local authorities as well as the purchase or subsidy of equipment for the benefit of the targeted hromadas. This pillar will allow the feedback of experiences, and the dissemination of the French territorial governance model.

Required profile

The contractor is required to have following set of expertise:  

·       Minimum 7 years of expertise in the field of household waste management planning;

·       Minimum 2 years in debris waste management (in particular asbestos waste management) is appreciated;

·       Understanding of the specificities of environmental and waste management of Ukrainian cities;

·       Degree in environmental, physical or biological science, ecology, geography planning, engineering or other related field;

·       Experience working with international development agencies;

·       Fluency in written and spoken English and Ukrainian.

Development of LWMP requires involvement of team of experts with such qualification:

-        Waste management expert

-        Environmentalist

The total number of days could be distributed between the team or performed by one expert.

Additional information


The contractor is responsible to provide the deliverables in Ukrainian in written form following the timeline agreed with Expertise France. A final report should be submitted by 31th October 2024. Expert will submit monthly key outputs achieved during the period, relating to the work plan lines enumerated above.

Timeframe of the contract

The assignment implementation is expected during the period of 30th June – 31th October 2024 according to the preliminary timeline in the Section 3. The timeline is a subject to discussion/modification based on the Expert’s agreement with Expertise France based on availability of Ukrainian and international stakeholders with whom coordination is required to develop a properly scoped and defined plan.

Selection criteria for applications

The selection process for candidates will be based on the following criteria :

  • Candidate’s skills linked with the expert mission
  • Candidate’s experiences linked with the expert mission
  • Candidate's knowledges related to local context (country or region intervention)

Deadline for application : 2024/05/23 18:00

Expertise France is the public agency of French international technical cooperation. The agency operates around four priorities:

  • democratic, economic and financial governance;
  • security and stability of countries in crisis/post-crisis situations;
  • sustainable development;
  • strengthening health systems, social protection and employment.

In these areas, Expertise France carries out engineering and implementation missions for capacity building projects, mobilizes technical expertise and acts as an aggregator of projects involving public expertise and private know-how.

With an activity volume of 233 million euros, more than 400 projects in portfolio in 80 countries, and 63,000 days of expertise, Expertise France focuses its action towards France’s solidarity policy, influence and economic diplomacy.

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