Type d'offre

Type de contrat
Contrat de prestation de services

Domaines d'expertises
Protection sociale et travail décent

Date limite de candidature
12/04/2024 23:55

Durée de la mission
Long terme

Indépendant / Entrepreneur Individuel

42 months

Description de la mission

The primary objective of the Local Disability Expert is to coordinate and conduct activities in the field of the disability component of the project and on strengthening the capacities of agencies under the Ministry of IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Health, Labour and Social Affairs. Disability Expert aims to enhance the overall quality and efficiency of social services within the context of the project's objectives. 

The missions of the local disability expert are to provide: 

  • Support in the implementation of the Biopsychosocial Model in the system of determining the status of a child/adult with a disability - 2023-2027;
  • Support in the creation of an institutional mechanism for determining the status of a person with disability and a case management system based on the biopsychosocial model;
  • Support in the determination of financial resources and sources of funding related to the implementation of the system for determining the status of persons with disabilities based on the biopsychosocial model;
  • A budget program for the implementation of the BPS model reform;
  • Support in ensuring equal access to the process of determining the disability status and strengthening the participation of persons with disabilities;
  • Support in updating of the legal basis of the system of determining the status of disability;
  • Support in capacity building of institutions for the better assessment of disability status;
  • Recommendations for improvement of the mechanism of administration and quality monitoring of the disability status determination system based on the rights of persons with disabilities;
  • Support for monitoring and quality control mechanisms;
  • State Care Agency with the tools to respond the needs of persons with disabilities victims of domestic violence;
  • Capacity strengthening to service providers, developing and introducing appropriate tools, considering the specific needs of women with disabilities.

Description du projet ou contexte

Government of Georgia (GoG) has adopted a Government Program for Human Capital covering the 2022-2031 period. It is comprised of a specified set of Education, Health and Social Protection services that provide for the development of human capital and its effective engagement in the development of the country.

Several human development sub-programs for the period 2022-2027 are constituting the Government Human Capital Development Program (HCDP). The sub-programs were selected on the basis of an agreement on a set of crucial reforms needed in each of the three human development sectors, to bring about transformative change in Georgia’s human capital within the Program duration of six years.

To support this process Expertise France is implementing the project which is comprised of three components:

- Component 1: Strengthening primary health care and coordination between primary and hospital care, with a focus on mental health, with a gender-sensitive approach (Health component)

- Component 2: Improve social and employment services delivery to vulnerable groups, with a focus on people with disabilities and with a gender approach (Disability and employment component)

- Component 3: Increase efficiency, transparency and accountability of public administration through the development of gender-sensitive digital systems in the fields of social protection and employment, including cyber security (IT component)

The main beneficiaries of the project will be Ministry of IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Health, Labour and Social Affairs (MoILHSA); other institutions under MoILHSA: the State Employment Support Agency (SESA), Social Services Agency (SSA), National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC), IDPS, Eco-migrants and Livelihood Agency (IDP Agency), State Regulation Agency for Medical and Pharmaceutical Activities (SRAMPA) and the Information Technologies Agency (ITA). In addition, the necessary cooperation and involvement will be ensured from local municipalities, Cyber-security Bureau, Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure etc., with participation other international organisations and CSOs.

Profil souhaité

Qualifications and experience:

  • A relevant degree in fields such as Disability Studies, Social Work, Public Health, Psychology, Sociology or related disciplines;
  • At least 5 years of professional experience in disability rights, inclusion, or related areas;
  • Experience in policy analysis, program management, or implementation of disability-related projects is highly desirable;
  • In-depth knowledge of social service systems, policies, and practices;
  • Experience with EU-funded projects;
  • Good knowledge of project intervention country (Georgia).

Technical skills:

  • Knowledge of disability rights frameworks, including the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD);
  • Expertise in the Biopsychosocial (BPS) Model and its application in disability assessment and management;
  • Strong analytical skills to conduct system analyses, assess resource needs, and develop budget programs;
  • Proficiency in gender mainstreaming approaches and experience in collaborating with gender experts to ensure gender-sensitive interventions;
  • Familiarity with legal frameworks related to disability rights and experience in legislative analysis and drafting;
  • Training and capacity-building skills, including the development of training materials and conducting workshops or seminars;
  • Familiarity with accessibility standards and methodologies for assessing geographical accessibility of medical institutions.

Language skills:

  • Proficiency in Georgian;
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English (good writing, synthesis and analysis skills, etc.).

Other skills:

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills, project management abilities, and the capacity to work collaboratively with various stakeholders within the Ministry and other relevant agencies.
  • Experience in working on social protection projects or similar government initiatives would be advantageous.

Informations complémentaires

Local disability expert will work in close collaboration with the Expertise France team in Tbilisi in order to progress through the various stages of building deliverables.

Please refer to the documents attached to this offer for more details about the technical specifications and recruitment process/tender.

In order to submit their tenders, tenderers must send the requested documents (CV and financial proposal, as well as sworn statement of absence of conflict of interests) through Expertise France website, GEX platform and E-mail: / before April 12th, 2024, 23:55 Paris time

Critères de sélection des candidatures

Le processus de sélection des candidats s'opérera selon le(s) critère(s) suivant(s) :

  • Formation/compétences/expériences du candidat
  • Compétences du candidat en lien avec la mission d’expertise
  • Expériences du candidat en lien avec la mission d’expertise
  • Compréhension linguistiques attendues du candidat

Date limite de candidature : 12/04/2024 23:55

Document(s) joint(s) : Local-Disability-Expert_ToR.docx - Request-proposal_Disability-Expert.docx

Expertise France est l’agence publique de conception et de mise en œuvre de projets internationaux de coopération technique. L’agence intervient autour de quatre axes prioritaires :

  • gouvernance démocratique, économique et financière ;
  • paix, stabilité et sécurité ;
  • climat, agriculture et développement durable ;
  • santé et développement humain.

Dans ces domaines, Expertise France assure des missions d’ingénierie et de mise en œuvre de projets de renforcement des capacités, mobilise de l’expertise technique et joue un rôle d’ensemblier de projets faisant intervenir de l’expertise publique et des savoir-faire privés.

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