Type d'offre

Type de contrat

Domaines d'expertises
Mobilisation des ressources, gestion et redevabilité publiques

Date limite de candidature
02/02/2024 23:55


48 mois

Description de la mission

A full time Head of Project will be recruited and based in Luanda. S/he will be in charge of the overall coordination of the project (strategic and technical management), of its implementation and will ensure the coordination with the actors involved in the project. His/her role is to ensure that the project is on track and that all objectives are achieved by the end of the implementation period. S/he will have the technical background related to the fields of activity of the project as well as competences in coordination of projects.

S/he will be responsible for:

Coordination of the project:

  • Ensuring the management of the project in its political, strategic and technical orientations;

  • Ensuring coordination and institutional relations with different actors and beneficiaries of the project;

  • Supervise the implementation of activities;

  • Supervision of the Key Experts, and of the project management team in Angola;

  • Ensuring respect of the objectives and timeline of the project; 

  • Support to the implementation of the M&E plan.

Technical steering and orientation:

  • Overall supervision and coordination of the technical assistance with the institution supported and implementing partners;

  • To define and/or adjust the strategic orientations of the project;

  • To ensure the definition and the sharpening of activities to address needs of the beneficiaries (specific work plans, Terms of Reference of missions, workshops or study visits, etc.);

  • Supporting the Key Experts in identification of Short Term Expertise to address specific needs of beneficiaries;

  • Preparation of the Steering Committees;

  • Reporting to the Contracting Authority on technical aspects;

  • Validation of the project deliverables.

On the operational, financial, administrative and logistical aspect, s/he will be supported by a Liaison Officer.

Description du projet ou contexte

Description of the context and of the project

Since the election of João Lourenço as President of the Republic in August 2017, the Angolan authorities have started an intense process of economic and financial reforms that is supported by the international community, in particular through an Extended Fund Facility (EFF) of 3.2 billion concluded with the IMF in December 2018, and a series of budgetary support granted by the World Bank, the African Development Bank and the European Commission.

Expertise France has been entrusted with the implementation of an EU funded project articulated around four components :

  1. Support to PFM Reform 
  2. Support to State Owned Enterprises Governance
  3. Support tu Public Private Partnership management
  4. and Financial Inclusion


The Project will support Angolan actors with technical assistance missions, pair to pair exchanges during study visits, workshops, with the mobilization of short-term public and private expertise. Long term experts might also be posted within the Angolan Administrations. 


Objectives components of the project of technical assistance

Overall objective/impact

OO: The efficiency and the transparency of the Public Finance Management and of the Financial System in Angola are improved.

Specific objective/outcomes

SO.1: Stability-oriented macroeconomic measures and key PFM reforms are implemented.


Output 1. The PFM reform, with detailed and sequenced activities, timelines, targets and milestones is undertaken.

Output 2. The governance of State-Owned enterprises (SOEs) is improved and includes gender and climate risk performance.

Output 3. Financial governance of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) is enhanced.

Output 4. A national financial inclusion strategy (NFIS) is developed, implemented and monitored in a coordinated manner

Profil souhaité


  • Postgraduate degree or equivalent in Economics, Public Management, International Relations, etc.

Professional experience:

  • At least 10 years of professional experience, including at least 2 years abroad, if possible on the African continent
  • Experience in advising public authorities, preferably in developing countries and on an international cooperation project.


  • Good knowledge of public finance management, management of public enterprises/establishments, public-private partnerships, economic and financial issues
  • Good command of Portuguese (for professional use);
  • Qualities / proven abilities :
    • Communication skills
    • Teamwork and interpersonal skills
    • Pedagogy and diplomacy
    • Respect for professional secrecy
    • Transmission of knowledge
    • Synthesis and writing skills
    • Analysis and problem solving
    • Decision making and initative
    • Team management

Date limite de candidature : 02/02/2024 23:55

Expertise France est l’agence publique de conception et de mise en œuvre de projets internationaux de coopération technique. L’agence intervient autour de quatre axes prioritaires :

  • gouvernance démocratique, économique et financière ;
  • paix, stabilité et sécurité ;
  • climat, agriculture et développement durable ;
  • santé et développement humain.

Dans ces domaines, Expertise France assure des missions d’ingénierie et de mise en œuvre de projets de renforcement des capacités, mobilise de l’expertise technique et joue un rôle d’ensemblier de projets faisant intervenir de l’expertise publique et des savoir-faire privés.

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