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Domaines d'expertises
Systèmes de santé

Vaccins et vaccination ; Gouvernance des systèmes de santé ; Personnel de santé

Date limite de candidature
15/12/2023 10:06


4 ans

Description de la mission

Expertise France is hiring a Project Leader based in Kigali. He/she will be responsible for the general strategy and coordination of the project, liaising with national authorities, EUD, European state members, and stakeholders.

He/She will work under the hierarchical responsibility of the “Geographical Pole Manager” at the Health Department (DEPSAN) in EF Headquarters in Paris. He/she will work in coordination with the EF Project Manager in Paris.

 The project Leader will be responsible for the management and operational implementation of the project activities. This project will be signed with European Union Delegation based in Kigali.

 Coordination of the project

·         He/she is responsible for the overall management, implementation and monitoring of the project strategy, to ensure that Expertise France's contractual obligations are fulfilled (particularly in terms of planning, financing, monitoring and reporting)

·         He/she identifies together with the Key experts, expertise requirements for the various components and ensures that experts are properly mobilized;

·         He/she represents Expertise France with all the relevant stakeholders, and participates in the project's various governance mechanisms;

·         He/she liaises with GoR and Rwandan technical partners together with his/her deputy

·         He/she liaises with partners of the “French Group”: French Embassy, AFD and other French partners

·         He/she liaises with European Union Delegation (EUD)and the European Agencies involved in the TEI MAV + program in Rwanda and any stakeholders required for the implementation of the action;

·         He/she ensures that cross-cutting issues are integrated into the project such as gender, environment, promotion of the project and capitalization

 Team management :

·         He/she lead 2 keys technical experts and a local team of 4 persons: a deputy, an administrative and finance Manager, an MEAL officer, an assistant and a team of technical experts

·         He/she is responsible of a high level of communication within the experts and technical partners mobilized by EF

·         He/she organizes regular coordination meetings with the staff and all experts and partners mobilized by EF

·         He/she ensures the delivery of reports and deliverables expected from experts and partners according to their contractual agreements.

·         He/she ensures the recruitment of experts when needed, in coordination with the Headquarters Project Manager

 Support functions:

·         He/she validates the procurement plan in collaboration with HQ project team, the administrative and finance Manager, and support services;

·         He/she is in charge of validating contracts and purchases according to Expertise France’s regulations and validation thresholds, in collaboration with HQ project team, the administrative and finance Manager and support services;

·         He/she monitors project expenditure, consolidates the project budget (forecast), and updates a workplan for field disbursements (cash flow);

·         Coordinate the organization of internal or external missions related to the project (headquarters missions, short-term expertise missions, partners mission etc.)

·         He/she ensures compliance with Expertise France's administrative and financial procedures.

 Monitoring, evaluation, reporting:

·       He/she oversees the project's progress and the quality of deliverables, intermediate and final technical and financial reports, and annual financial audits;

·         He is in charge of consolidating internal narrative and financial reports;

·         In collaboration with the project & MEAL officer, he/she tracks project indicators in line with the project logframe.

 Security in coordination with Security Director of EF Paris   

·         He/she strictly follows the security guidelines provided the Security Director of Expertise France in Paris and Must provide any relevant information likely to have an impact on Security and Safety management of staff, materials and facilities without delay.

Description du projet ou contexte

Context of the project

The Team Europe Initiative on manufacturing and access to vaccines, medicines and health technologies in Africa (TEI MAV+) for Sub-Saharan Africa, expanded to North Africa addresses several African countries that are ahead or promising for the establishment and development of a well-functioning ecosystem for manufacturing and access to health technologies. Rwanda is one of the countries included in the initiative besides Senegal, Egypt, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria. The initiative is financed under the Neighborhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI-Global Europe). The start of the 1 billion Euro TEI MAV+ was announced in 2021 at the Global Health Summit in Italy and Team Europe partners as well as African partners started implementing different actions under this umbrella [1]. Now, additional support is granted to the six countries to complement TEI MAV+ activities funded and implemented already. For Rwanda this specific action should contribute to a strengthened economic governance as well as a reinforced local manufacturing capacity resulting in better access to health products. The action contributes towards the Global Gateway strategy [2], the EU Global Health Strategy [3], the EU Gender Action Plan 2021-2025 GAP III [4], and the Sustainable Development Goals [5] and is aligned with the EU4Health initiative, the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe [6], Horizon Europe and the work of the Health Emergency and Response Authority (HERA).

The overall TEI MAV+ additional support project will be implemented by four international partners in development, Sweden, Enabel for Belgium, GIZ for Germany and Expertise France for France. 

In Rwanda, Team Europe under the umbrella of MAV+ contributes 22 million Euro with action addressed towards benefiting Rwanda FDA, Rwanda Polytechnics University of Rwanda among others. However, there are still gaps in funding and action required to support the development of an ecosystem to promote manufacturing and access to health technologies, such as support for skills development both in higher education and TVET and quality assurance along the supply chain. All of these efforts contribute towards supporting industry in producing medicinal substances (novel vaccines) in Rwanda starting in 2024 in modular factories.

Profil souhaité

Technical qualifications/ and request experiences:

  • Master's degree in international cooperation, development, project management, political science, social science, health economics or any other relevant field;
  • At least 10 years' experience in development project management and 5 years  in the field of pharmacy and health; (an experience in production of medicines would be an asset)
  • Proven Experience in coordinating and managing teams;
  • Excellent management/coordination skills for multidisciplinary and multicultural teams;
  • Excellent skills and knowledge of budget follow up and financial process;
  • A good understanding of cooperation mechanisms, official development assistance and the players involved in international cooperation;
  • A good understanding of cooperation mechanisms, official development assistance and the players involved in international cooperation;
  • Excellent ability to build trusting relationships with national and international partners;
  • Ability to conduct high-level dialogue with institutional partners, civil society and the private sector;
  • Significant experience in facilitation, tools and techniques for participatory work;
  • Ability to mobilise, maintain, coordinate and lead networks of players (experts, institutional players, civil society, authorities, etc.);
  • Experience of working in the East Africa region is an asset;


  • Strong coordination and teamwork skills;
  • Sense of diplomacy, excellent interpersonal skills;
  • Initiative, autonomy and responsiveness;
  • Analytical and synthesis skills;
  • Adaptability; Sense of organization and rigor;
  • Sense of diplomacy, capacity for representation; Relational ease
  • Mastery of office software and tools, particularly Excel and Word;
  • Excellent command of French and English (written and spoken);

Informations complémentaires

Starting date aprox: March 2023 

Remuneration according to Expertise's remuneration policy: basic salary + expatriation bonuses.

To apply, please send your CV and Cover Letter, 3 references will be requested if your application is pre-selected.

Candidates interested in this opportunity are invited to submit their application as soon as possible, Expertise France reserving the right to proceed with the preselection before this date. If we do not respond within 1,5 month, please consider that your application has not been selected 

Recruitment finalisation process will be linked to project validation by EU

Date limite de candidature : 15/12/2023 10:06

Document(s) joint(s) : Project Leader - Rwanda.pdf

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Dans ces domaines, Expertise France assure des missions d’ingénierie et de mise en œuvre de projets de renforcement des capacités, mobilise de l’expertise technique et joue un rôle d’ensemblier de projets faisant intervenir de l’expertise publique et des savoir-faire privés.

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